9 Best Stand Mixers in Malaysia (2023) From RM179

Stand mixers can make all sorts of impossible happen without you breaking a sweat at all. You get that smoothest bread dough baby, tastiest looking cookie dough, most non-yielding stiff peaks, and also the yummiest cake batter and frosting with just a flick of the button. Let your stand mixer do all the work for you while you get to bask in all the compliments.

Choosing a stand mixer may seem daunting at the start, especially since they all look the same, but their price may vary. It all boils down to what you’re setting out to use the stand mixer for and how serious a baker or cook you are! To help you decide, we have gathered a list of best stand mixers to pick from. Here are the best stand mixers that you can get in Malaysia today!

KitchenAid Stand Mixer 5KPM5

The KitchenAid Stand Mixer 5KPM5 will instantly give you an upgrade in your kitchen with its highly-precise and well-engineered design. With a full-metal body that comes with all metal gears and controls, you get a high-quality product that is highly durable. The built-in motor is powerful enough for continuous operation for a sustained period without losing drive. Employing a planetary action movement, the whisk attachment comes into contact with up to 59 touchpoints in the mixing bowl. This ensures that you get a thoroughly combined mixture or dough faster and helps save you time!

This heavy-duty stand mixer can handle up to 9 batches of cookies or 2kg of bread dough at one go easily. For the passionate baker and cooking enthusiast, you only need the KitchenAid Stand Mixer 5KPM5 to complete you.

Kenwood Chef XL Machine Mixer KVL6100B

The Kenwood Chef XL Machine Mixer KVL6100B was made for the creatives in the kitchen. With 5 specially crafted bowl tools, namely, the K-Beater, whisk, dough hook, creaming beater and folding tool, you will definitely be able to achieve the perfect mixture with your ideal texture. There are also additional attachments that are compatible with this machine mixer, which gives you even more permutations to experiment with!

Featuring a 6.7L mixing bowl and a splashguard with a wide chute opening, this stand mixer can easily handle large batches at one go without creating a mess on your countertop. Get the Kenwood Chef XL Machine Mixer KVL6100B from Lazada today!

Innofood KT609 Bakery Stand Mixer

The Innofood KT609 Bakery Stand Mixer comes with a powerful motor of 1300W; you get continuous mixing with any slowing down or disruptions. It also comes with the usual accessories like beater and dough hook, which allows you to combine dry and wet ingredients to make a batter or bread dough. The planetary whisking movement also ensures that you get a more thorough and faster mixing, which helps save you precious time.

It has a stable base with maximum contact with the table so that it minimizes the vibrations at the higher mixing speeds. You get peace of mind with its stable and reliable operation.
You won’t go hungry for too long with the Innofood KT609 Bakery Stand Mixer.

Butterfly BM-4351 Stand Mixer

The Butterfly BM-4351 Stand Mixer is priced affordably with great features and performance. First, it is designed to be a compact and sleek-looking kitchen appliance. Secondly, it features an easy to use control button that allows you to start from a slow speed with up to 8-speed increments.

This stand mixer comes with a relatively big mixing bowl that is made from stainless steel, which gives it the durability to last for a long time. You can also add ingredients through the feed opening easily without stopping the mixing. For a great value for money option, look no further than the Butterfly BM-4351 Stand Mixer.

Elba Stand Mixer ESMB-9925S

The Elba Stand Mixer ESMB-9925S offers a great entry-level electric stand mixer at a modest price point. The 4.2L mixing bowl is designed to have a wide mouth so that you can easily add ingredients while the mixer is in operation and can also periodically scrape down to get a more uniform mixture.

There is no heavy lifting required with this stand mixer as you can easily eject the top with the press of a button. You can then add in more ingredients and secure it by setting it down in place again. For the ad-hoc baker in you or if you have a budget constraint, the Elba Stand Mixer ESMB-9925S will be a great choice for you.

Morgan Stand Mixer MSM-SB1500

The Morgan Stand Mixer MSM-SB1500 comes with a powerful built-in motor that will see to it that you get a fully and thoroughly combined mixture, without losing steam. Not only does it come with adjustable speed settings that can be turned up 8 notches, it also comes with a pulsing mode. This means that you can easily mix your dry ingredients without causing everything to fly up at you.

With the “pop-up” head lift function and the detachable attachments and accessories, operating the stand mixer and cleaning it up at the end both are like a stroll in the park. The entire body is housed in die-cast aluminum, and the gears are made of metal. You get a high-quality product that is sure to last you a long time with the Morgan Stand Mixer MSM-SB1500.

Khind Stand Mixer SM228

The Khind Stand Mixer SM228 is relatively lightweight at 3kg and has a compact dimension of 33.2cm by 26.8 cm by 23 cm. This makes it a great option if you face severe space constraints on your countertop and storage space, as you are most likely able to make space for this. It is also easy and fast to set it up without any complications.

This stand mixer comes with a stainless steel beater and dough hooks. In addition to the 5-speed control settings, it also comes with a turbo function for a more thorough mix. The mixing bowl is self-rotating too, so that you can combine the mixture better. Conquer the kitchen with the Khind Stand Mixer SM228 today!

Sharp Stand Mixer EMS80WH

The Sharp Stand Mixer EMS80WH comes with three different attachments, namely the dough hook, whip, and flat beater. This allows you to use the mixer for achieving the smoothest yeast dough with maximum gluten. You can also get fluffy or stiff peak egg whites or thoroughly whipped cream. If you’re craving for cakes or cookies, this stand mixer will give you get a consistent and well-mixed cake batter and cookie dough.

It is made of stainless steel material and has a sturdy base that is rubber-proofed so that it is stable even at high mixing speed. The 4L stainless steel mixing bowl can handle relatively big batches of ingredients at one go. You won’t regret purchasing the Sharp Stand Mixer EMS80WH.

Philips Stand Mixer HR1559

The Philips Stand Mixer HR1559 is designed to create the fluffiest cake batter by focusing on the design of the beater. With a conic shape, more air is incorporated into the mixture and at a faster pace. The mixing bowl has a great curvature, and this ensures that your mixture won’t start spilling out of the bowl at high speeds.

It also has suction feet at the base, which helps it keep the mixer stable at high mixing speed. You can choose from up to 5-speed settings and the turbo function, which gives you better control over how your mixture turns out. The powerful motor keeps a consistent operation for better outcomes. See your chiffon cake rise up like a baby with many air pockets with the Philips Stand Mixer HR1559.

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