10 Best Steam Irons in Malaysia (2023) For All Budgets

The truth is no one really like ironing. It can be very tedious and time-consuming. That is why you should get a good steam iron because it’ll make the tedious task of ironing much more tolerable. A good steam iron can help you complete your ironing chores in double-quick time with more steam power.

However, when it comes to picking a steam iron, it can get pretty hard to choose one. There are literally hundreds of choices out there from a wide variety of brands. But that is what we are here for – we have gone through all the most popular steam irons available and shortlisted the best. Here are the best steam irons you can buy in Malaysia today!

Philips PowerLife Steam Iron GC2998

The Philips PowerLife Steam Iron GC2998 is sleek and modern-looking with its all-black exterior. It is a much welcome change from the boring colour schemes of irons and adds a dash of character that makes it stand out from the rest. Besides its good looks, it is a very powerful steam iron that comes at a very reasonable price point.

With 2400W in power, it heats up very fast and can provide you with reliable and powerful performance for quick and efficient ironing. It can pump out a steady flow of 45g/min in steam pressure. If you need an extra boost, there is the Steam Boost function that cranks up the steam pressure to 170g. Besides using the steam for ironing on an ironing board, you can also use this Philips Iron as a pseudo garment steamer.

We also like the quality of its SteamGlide soleplate. It has an anti-scratch surface that ensures it is long-lasting through the years. Additionally, it has an integrated calc-clean that can keep the soleplate free of scale and impurities.

As you can tell, we are huge fans of this reliable and powerful steam iron. So we highly recommend that you check out the Philips PowerLife Steam Iron GC2998!

Philips PerfectCare Elite Plus Steam Generator Iron GC9660

In our opinion, the Philips PerfectCare GC9660 is one of the best steam generator irons you can get. A steam generator iron like this is perfect for getting through whole loads of laundry in super-quick time. It does cost much more than a normal steam iron, but if it can save you time, the extra cost is definitely worth it.

There are many standout points which we love about this steam generator iron. Firstly, Philips has the OptimalTemp technology which automatically adjusts the temperature settings to the material of the clothing that you’re ironing. That means you won’t have to fiddle around to change the heat settings each time – this saves you a lot of time in the long run. With OptimalTemp, Philip also guarantees that it will never cause burns to your precious clothing, even if you rest the iron on it. This point alone is a huge selling point, especially if you’re lucky enough to have expensive and branded clothing.

In terms of steam, it has a steam boost of up to 470g. Philips also has the DynamiQ smart sensor which knows when to give an extra boost of steam as you iron. Combined with the T-ionicGlide soleplate which offers a smooth glide, your ironing chores will be done in no time.

Philips PerfectCare Steam Generator Iron GC9660 is the must-have tool to dramatically make the task of ironing seem easy. It’ll be worth every cent that you pay!

Philips Steam Iron GC1430

The Philips Steam Iron GC1430 is one of the most popular models available online. When we did our research, we found thousands of positive reviews for it on various ecommerce sites. We found that there were two keys reasons for its popularity – its cheap price and consistent performance.

At 1700W, this Philips Steam Iron may not be the most powerful steam iron around, but it still has more than enough power to make ironing a breeze. It can generate a constant steam output of 20g/min and if needed can be boosted to 70g. There is also a spray function that distributes an even mist to your clothing for easy crease-removal. This iron is also relatively light so it doesn’t take a toll on your arm even if you have to push through long hours of ironing.

For its price and features, the Philips Steam Iron GC1430 is an excellent deal that you should be looking at, especially if you want an iron that costs less than RM100.

Tefal Pump Station Fasteo Steam Iron Generator

Cheap steam generator iron

Steam generator irons are generally very expensive because of their improved features. Thankfully, Tefal has the Pump Station Fasteo Steam Iron Generator that is available at less than half the price of its competitors. This model is a steam generator iron that costs only a little more than normal steam irons which is a fantastic deal.

It has a large 1.2L water tank that means you won’t have to worry about refilling even when ironing a large pile of laundry. If you need a refill, the process is easy thanks to its accessible water tank. Refilling will not require you to remove the water tank at all.

In terms of steam pressure, it manages to produce 5.2 pump bar, which is more than enough to iron out creases effectively. Its ceramic soleplate is designed to glide smoothly which makes the motion of ironing less tiring.

If you’ve been searching high and low for a cheap steam generator iron, this Tefal Pump Station Steam Iron Generator is a dream come true.

Philips Steam Iron GC4933

The Philips OptimalTemp technology was previously only available in their steam generator line. But not everyone wants a bulk steam generator iron. Now, you can enjoy the benefits of the OptimalTemp technology in the form of a slim and compact steam iron – the Philips Steam Iron GC4933.

It is one of the most powerful irons with a rating of 3000W. That allows it to heat up really fast and deliver consistent and strong steam pressure at 55g/min. You can also activate the steam boost function which pumps up the pressure to 230g.

With OptimalTemp technology, there are zero settings that you need to set. It automatically adjusts the temperature and steam settings as you iron. Additionally, you will never experience the pain of burning a hole through your favourite dress or shirt every again.

If you want a smart and efficient iron that makes your job easy, the Philips Steam Iron GC4933 is what you want to get.

Philips Steam Iron GC1436

If you find yourself ironing clothing with pockets, pleats or buttons, you will love the precision that the Philips Steam Iron GC1436 offers. Philips has specially designed the tip of this iron to offer extreme precision so that you can navigate through challenging clothing with ease. You’ll find yourself zooming through the task of ironing once you try it.

For power, it is rated at 2000W and can provide you with a steady flow of 25g/m of steam. If you activate the steam boost function, it can go up to 100g which will remove creases effortlessly. Another plus point is its 220ml large water tank that reduces the need for constant refills. This lets you iron more clothes and makes the entire process of ironing seem more seamless.

The Philips Steam Iron GC1436 is a very reliable option that offers precise control. The last thing we love about it is that you can get it at a very reasonable price even with all these features.

Philips Steam Generator Iron GC7805

The Philips Steam Generator Iron GC7805/20 is one of Philips’ first steam generator models. While there are improvements in the newer models, this is still an excellent alternative because it performs well. Additionally, it is so much cheaper than the newer steam generator models – less than half the price.

So what are its features and how does it compare to newer models? Firstly, let’s look at its steam pressure. It has a 5.3 bar pump pressure and when needed, a steam boost of 250g. That is slightly lower than some of the newer models but to be honest, you will likely not need an overly powerful steam pressure. For daily ironing tasks, the GC7805 Steam Generator Iron is still amazing.

Similar to OptimalTemp, this iron also has a smart control processor that accurately controls its temperature. It’ll also protect your previous clothing from any burn marks. It has a good-size water tank capacity of 1.5L that can support you through many piles of laundry without needing a refill.

With close to 1000 positive reviews from satisfied buyers on Lazada, it is all the proof you need that the Philips Steam Generator Iron GC7805/20 is still a fantastic buy.

Philips EasySpeed Steam Iron GC2145

Are you thinking about whether to get a garment steamer or steam iron? If you buy the Philips EasySpeed Steam Iron GC2145, you will get the best of both worlds because it has both the functions you want. It has the vertical steam option which you can use to stimulate the functions of a garment steamer. With this combination, you can save money because you don’t need to buy two separate appliances.

Besides being a multifunctional iron, its steam ironing capabilities are also exceptional. Firstly, it has 2100W in power which allows it to heat up and be ready for you to use in super quick time. Its built-in water tank has a capacity of 270ml which is larger than most steam irons. For steam pressure, it can produce a 30g/min consistently with a boost option of 110g.

Other features include a high-quality ceramic soleplate that is non-stick and scratch-resistant. Even with heavy use, it’ll be able to maintain its smooth surface to ensure that its glide is as effortless as ever. This iron is also fitted with a drip-stop system which prevents water leakage so that your clothing won’t get water stains.

The Philips EasySpeed Steam Iron GC2145 solves the dilemma of whether to get a garment steamer or steam iron. With all-round impressive features, it’ll definitely be a great partner for you when you iron.

Tefal Steam Iron Easygliss FV4051

Ever wonder how much steam you need for different types of linen? You don’t need to figure out that complicated question because the Tefal Steam Iron Easygliss FV4051 does that for you. Once you set the type of linen in the settings, this steam iron will automatically adjust the temperature and steam pressure to the optimal conditions for that particular linen. The end result is perfectly crease-free clothing all day long!

Another standout point of this steam iron is its Durilium AirGlide soleplate. It offers seamlessly and smooth gliding no matter what material or clothing you’re ironing. At the same time, the holes diffuse the steam into your garment to make the ironing process super efficient and fast.

At 2400W, this compact steam iron packs a real punch of power. It heats up in a blink of an eye so you can get down to ironing as quickly as possible. It has strong continuous steam pressure of 40g/min and a boost that reaches 130g to smooth out stubborn creases.

For the smoothness glide ever, try out the Tefal Steam Iron Easygliss FV4051. It’ll make turning ironing from being a chore to a joy.

Panasonic Steam Iron NI-M250TGSK

Cheap steam iron

The Panasonic Steam Iron NI-M250TGSK is one of the cheapest steam irons available in Malaysia that still has very good performance. We like its lightweight and compact design, which makes it comfortable to hold for longer periods.

In terms of specifications, it has a decent power of 1550W. At the same time, it can generate 15g/min steam consistently. Its 210ml water tank is considerably large to allow you to iron a basket of laundry in one single refill. Its soleplate is coated with Advanced Titanium and offers smooth gliding over all kinds of fabrics.

If you’re looking for a cheap but effective steam iron, the Panasonic Steam Iron NI-M250TGSK would be our top recommendation.