8 Best Treadmills in Malaysia (2020) For Your Home

A home treadmill makes running very convenient. All you have to do is change into your exercise attire, turn on the treadmill and go on for as long a run as you want. There is no need to find a running track or park. Rain or shine, early in the morning or late at night, you can go for a run.

Choosing a good treadmill is important. It should fit your needs and preferences. Otherwise it may become a white elephant. We have searched through most if not all of the treadmills available in Malaysia to shortlist the best. Here are the best treadmills you can buy in Malaysia today!

Johnson Fitness Tempo T81 Treadmill
  • Speed from 0.8 to 15km per hour
  • Thicker belt to cushion impact
  • 4 training programs to choose from

The Johnson Fitness Tempo T81 Treadmill is the most popular treadmill in Malaysia. It has hundreds of positive reviews online that rave about its build quality and value-for-money pricing. If you’re finding for a treadmill to buy, this should definitely be your top consideration.

It has a maximum speed of 15km/h and a minimum speed of 0.8km/h. With the wide range of speeds, it is suitable for walking, running and even sprinting. This treadmill has two main improvements over the previous model. Firstly, its running track is thicker by 12.5%, which cushions the impact of every step. This helps to protect your knees and joints as you run. Secondly, the running belt is longer at 135cm. This improves safety as there are lesser chances of you falling off the treadmill.

If you like to follow a training program, there are 4 to choose from – calories, weight loss, leg toner or 10000 steps. There is also a built-in heart rate monitor which can track whether it is in the optimal zone for the training that you’re doing.

Hundreds of positive reviews are a strong indicator that the Johnson Fitness Tempo T81 Treadmill is the treadmill you should get. Don’t miss out on this quality treadmill!

BEDL Home Treadmill BD580
  • Maximum speed of 10km/h
  • Stable anti-slip running surface
  • Quiet operation of under 65dB

The BEDL Home Treadmill BD580 is another excellent value-for-money buy. The last we checked, you could get it for under RM650 which is an amazing deal for a motorized treadmill. It has a maximum speed of 10km/h that is good enough for serious runners.

Under the running track are 5 layers of material for shock and noise absorption. The shock absorption helps to preserve the health of your knees, especially if you are a regular runner. With the layers underneath, noise is also significantly reduced which is important if you are staying in an apartment with neighbours below you.

The running track has an anti-slip surface that ensures you won’t lose your footing even when pushing yourself to run faster. This treadmill can also support weights of up to 100kg thanks to its sturdy build.

For less than RM650, we think that the BEDL Home Treadmill BD580 is a fantastic deal for anyone who’s looking to get their first treadmill.

BEDL Mini Foldable Treadmill
  • Space-saving foldable design
  • Height-adjustable for different users
  • 4 different exercise functions

Want a treadmill but hate that it takes up too much of your floor space? Then you should consider the BEDL Mini Foldable Treadmill. When folded up, the treadmill takes up very little space and can be stored away easily. When you want to use it, setting it up takes less than 1 minute.

This is a manual treadmill which does not need electricity to power up. That means it will not be able to reach the high speeds of an electric treadmill. However, it is fast enough for an above-average speed jog for most people. Besides jogging, you can also walk, do situps and exercise your waist – all on this machine. With an adjustable height, this treadmill is suitable for younger children up to adults.

The BEDL Mini Foldable Treadmill is an excellent portable option for your home. If you don’t want to overspend, a manual treadmill like it is a budget-friendly choice.

ADSports Electric Treadmill

Cheapest electric treadmill in Malaysia

  • From 1 to 12.8km/h
  • 40cm wide spacious running belt
  • Foldable design

For an powerful electric treadmill, the ADSports Electric Treadmill is extremely cheap. You’ll find it almost impossible to find a treadmill with similar specifications at the same price. When we first saw its impressive features, we thought it was going to be close to RM1000. Instead, it was only RM654. That was when we knew that we had to recommend it to you guys.

With a minimum speed of 1km/h all the way to 12.8km/h, this treadmill is suitable for both walking and a high-speed run. It has a 40cm wide platform which offers enough space without leaving you feeling too cramped. The motor is designed to be quiet as well.

After setting up, this ADSports Electric Treadmill might look quite bulky. However, it is foldable and also has a wheel for you to shift it around. So if you prefer, you can wheel it away after you’re done with your workout if you need the space.

A full-sized and high-powered treadmill like the ADSports Electric Treadmill, is usually pretty expensive. That is why this is a deal that you should not miss out on if you need a treadmill now.

Vigor Fitness Treadmill TR500
  • 12 training programs available
  • Integrated MP3 player and speakers
  • Heart rate monitoring through side handles

With 12 different training programs to choose from, the Vigor Fitness Treadmill TR500 will help you to achieve all your fitness targets. Some of the more popular programs include the fat burner, fitness test, speed interval and target calories. Combined with heart rate monitoring, you can track your progress as you get fitter over the days, weeks and months.

If you need some entertainment while you run, this treadmill comes with an integrated MP3 player with pretty decent sounding speakers. It’ll give you the additional spur to need to run a little faster and longer.

Overall, the Vigor Fitness Treadmill TR500 is an awesome buy if you like a wide variety of training programs to mix it up.

Fitchamp Foldable Mini Treadmill

Cheap manual treadmill

  • Good for walking and jogging
  • Maximum weight load of 120kg
  • Lightweight and portable design

For walking and light jogging, you can consider getting the super cheap Fitchamp Foldable Mini Treadmill. Honestly, we didn’t know that a manual treadmill could be this cheap and yet reliable. It has quite a number of positive reviews online which gives us the confidence to recommend this under RM200 treadmill.

When you first set this treadmill up, you may wonder if it can really take your weight. But don’t worry because it can take loads of up to 120kg, which is very impressive. It is also a treadmill that is easy to store away because of its foldable and portable design.

If you’re a serious runner who likes to sprint, don’t get this treadmill. But if you are a daily walker or jogger, the Fitchamp Foldable Mini Treadmill may just be the one for you.

Gintell CyberAIR Compact Treadmill FT460
  • Fast maximum speed of 16km/h
  • Personal trainer system with 108 programs
  • Extremely solid and durable build

If you’re a serious runner, you’ll want to splurge on the Gintell CyberAIR Compact Treadmill FT460. It is one of the most expensive treadmills on our recommended list but it is worth every ringgit because of its quality and features.

It is also the fastest treadmill as it can go up to a high of 16km/h – excellent for all the fast runners out there (not us). It even has a Personal Trainer System which voices out instructions and encouragement for you to push your limits. With an incredible 108 training programs to select from, you’ll never run out of unique methods of utilizing different runs to exercise.

As we mentioned, this treadmill is certainly not cheap. But its high-quality build along with comprehensive features means it’ll be your loyal training companion for many years to come.

Columbus Fitness S800 Professional Treadmill
  • Automatic incline function
  • Cushion technology on running track
  • Spacious at 42cm wide & 130cm long

Want to ramp up your running routine to burn more fats? What you need is a treadmill that can recline, like the Columbus Fitness S800 Professional Treadmill. With this treadmill, you can push a button and the incline will go up automatically by up to 15%. This is a much more convenient option than the manual incline models which you have to physically move up.

We also like the spacious track, which is 42cm wide and 130cm long. Even if you have long limbs, it provides enough space for you to run with wide strides safely. There is also a 6 point air spring system which helps to absorb the shock of every step you take – an essential feature, especially for regular runners.

The standout feature of this treadmill is its auto-incline function. If you like running up slopes, the Columbus Fitness S800 Professional Treadmill is made for you.