14 Best Washing Machines in Malaysia (2023) For Clean Laundry

A good washing machine is vital in any home. Doing your laundry will feel less of a chore with a better washing machine. Now, how do you choose a washing machine that is right for you? Don’t worry, we have already gone through all the different washing machines available in Malaysia and found the best. Here are the best washing machines that you can buy in Malaysia today!

Midea Top Load Washing Machine MFW-EC750

The Midea Top Load Washing Machine is a smart washing machine that employs the fuzzy logic so that it sets the optimum washing settings for every load of laundry. This allows you to wash your clothes easier without having to customise each setting for the amount of soap, speed of spinning, water level and time required. This logic is smart enough to detect how dirty your clothes are and then adjust accordingly.

As this is a top-load machine, you’d find that it’s easier to throw in your clothes without straining your back. This is a plus point, especially if you have a lot of laundry to go through daily. One-touch is all you need with this Midea Top Load Washing Machine.

Midea Semi Auto Washing Machine MSW-6008P

The Midea Semi Auto Washing Machine may look deceiving with its compact and slim build, but it can actually take up to 6kg of washing capacity! It employs a 3D waterfall current technology, which gives it great water efficiency as it uses less water to wash your clothes. Midea states that you get to save up to 20% of water for each wash.

With the magic filter that is fitted in the laundry tub, it prevents remnant soap traces and lint on your clothes. This gives you cleaner clothes without having to use a dry lint roller to remove the lint. It also prolongs the longevity of your washing machine so that you can use it for a longer time. Save time and effort in washing your clothes with this Midea Semi Auto Washing Machine.

Sharp Top Load Washing Machine ESX1278

The Sharp Top Load Washing Machine was designed to ensure that your clothes are perfectly rid of all dirt, grime and detergent traces. This is thanks to the intelligent 3-directional water flow technology which flushes the inner tub. The detergent and fabric softener dissolve quickly, penetrates the dirty laundry and then get washed off thoroughly. If you or your family have sensitive skin, this may just be the washing machine that you need.

Using the fuzzy control technology, it automatically detects the load weight, how dirty the laundry is and then customise the wash program accordingly. This is also perfect if you have a bigger family with more clothes to wash as it has a 12L capacity. Get the Sharp Top Load Washing Machine today!

Hisense Top Load Washing Machine WTDW751S

The Hisense Top Load Washing Machine positions itself as a smart and eco-friendly machine. It is equipped with the best technologies like the fuzzy logic control, 3D waterfall technology, snowflake drum system and bubble clean so that your clothes get washed in the best settings each time. In addition, it has an aqua preserve function which saves the water from the wash so that you can reuse it, rather than allow it to drain away.

You won’t need to scrub and clean the tub manually too, as this has an auto tub clean function. This prevents grime build-up for better cleanliness of your washer. This Hisense Top Load Washing Machine simplifies and improves how you wash your clothes with one touch of a button.

Panasonic Top Load Washing Machine NA-F70S7

Best top load washing machine

The Panasonic Washing Machine NA-F70S7 is a reliable option that will never disappoint you. We especially love its Dancing Water Flow which rotates the clothes to ensure every spot is washed cleanly. It also uses less water that means you’ll save on your water bill as well.

There is also a speedy option that quickens washing and spinning time. This is a great way to get your clothes clean faster and also save money on electricity. Overall, this Panasonic Washing Machine is an excellent buy for any home.

Toshiba Top Load AW-H1100GM Washing Machine

Best large washing machine

If you have a large family, the huge 10kg capacity of the Toshiba AW-H1100GM Washing Machine would be perfect. Finally, you’ll be able to do just one load of laundry for the entire family – saving your precious time.

With Hydro Twin Power technology, this washing machine can take care of even the most stubborn stains. Water is hydro charged to penetrate effectively into your clothes, taking away any dirt.

After washing, the drying process is quick. By taking in air from all around the washing machine, it quickens up the drying process, so your entire laundry washing time is shortened. With its large capacity and effective washing process, this Toshiba model is a must-have for big families.

Sharp Top Load Washing Machine ES718X

Equipped with Fuzzy Logic, the Sharp ES718X Washing Machine customizes its performance for each load of laundry. Through that, you will get perfectly clean laundry every single time.

Another key difference between the Sharp ES718X and other washing machines is its drum. It uses a SS Drum that is designed to be gentle on all kinds of fabrics. You won’t ever have to worry about your favourite piece of clothing being damaged in the washing machine.

Midea Washing Machine MFW-701S

Cheapest washing machine in Malaysia

Some washing machines are a nightmare to use because they are so complicated. If you hate that, then you will love the Midea MFW-701S Washing Machine. It is very easy to use and it is often a one or two-click process at most.

With a 7kg capacity and a compact design, it is suitable for small to medium-sized families of up to 5. With the ease of use, doing laundry for your family becomes a stress-free process.

With high-quality components like the anti-rust stainless steel drum, this washing machine will be part of your home for a very long time. Its motor is covered by a 5 year warranty with a 2 year full warranty for the entire washing machine. All these amazing features and warranties for a super low price too – don’t miss out on it!

Samsung Washing Machine WA70H4000SG

Putting an expensive dress in the laundry won’t be scary with the Samsung Washing Machine WA70H4000SG. It is equipped with the Wobble technology which dramatically reduces friction damage. Concurrently, it still manages to leave your clothing as clean as new.

With the Air Turbo Drying System, your clothes dry quicker as the drum rotates at high speeds. Taking care of this washing machine is a relatively hands-off process because of the Eco Turbo Clean. This washing machine ticks all the right boxes of everything you want.

Electrolux Front Load Washing Machine EWF7525EQWA

Best front load washing machine

Don’t you hate wrinkles on your laundry? We do. That is why we love the Electrolux Washing Machine. With its Vapour Care technology, it sprays vapour on the finished laundry is reduce wrinkles by 22%. Furthermore, it can also kill 99.9% of germs allergens and dust mites. Your laundry will be the freshest and healthiest ever.

With a 3XL door, it is easy to load up a large amount of laundry into this front loading washing machine. Another feature we love is the Add Clothes function. With it, you can open the door and add in more clothes into the washing machine without disrupting the cycle. A wonderful feature, especially if you are as forgetful as us.

Beko BTU8086W Washing Machine

With the Aquasonic technology, the Beko BTU8086W is one of the fastest washing machines ever. It can do a whole load of laundry faster than some other washing machines do a half load. No one wants to spend hours on their laundry, so this Beko model is a dream device.

Another standout point is its long warranty protection. Other brands may protect their motors for 3 to 5 years, but Beko gives you a 12-year motor warranty. That just shows how much they trust the quality of their washing machines. Get speed and reliability with this Beko Washing Machine!

LG Front Load Washing Machine WD-MD8000WM

Powerful washing machines are usually noisier. That is not the case for the LG WD-MD8000WM, thanks to the LG Inverter Direct Drive Technology. It combines the motor and drum directly, so less noise is produced even with more action. If you do your laundry at night, a quiet washing machine like this is a godsend.

There are a total of 6 modes that you can select for different fabrics. For a powerful wash, you can choose the stepping, filtration or scrubbing mode. For delicates, the tumble, rolling and swing modes will be more gentle.

If in the unlikely event of a malfunction, LG has made it very easy to diagnose the problem. Download the app, call the LG hotline and place the phone on the washing machine. Within minutes, you’ll know what needs to be done without calling down a technician. Every single feature of this LG Washing Machine is well-thought-out to offer you the best experience.

Bosch Washing Machine WAT24480SG

The Bosch WAT24480SG is not a cheap washing machine. In fact, it is the most expensive one on our list. However, we think that its premium price is justified by its top-notch performance. If you don’t mind spending more for quality, this is the washing machine for you.

With its unique wave-drop design inside the drum, it is able to achieve the delicate balance of powerful washing and gentleness. You can be sure that your laundry is in the right hands in this drum

Two other features to highlight is its silent operation and eco-friendly performance. It has an anti-vibration sidewall that reduces vibration and noise effectively. With VarioPerfect technology, this washing machine determines the optimal wash cycle and water needed for each laundry load. That way, you’ll never waste time, energy or water.

Hitachi SF-100XA Washing Machine

We would say that the Hitachi SF-100XA is probably the least-complicated washing machine ever. Rather than having 20 different buttons, all it has is 4 – On/off, Start/pause, Water power and cycle time. It is extremely straightforward to use.

With a self-cleaning tub, maintaining this washing machine in tip-top shape is hands-off. Each time you use the washing machine, the tub will clean itself. A clean tub means cleaner laundry and also keeps it working well longer.

Taking out the laundry after a wash cycle is also easy with its tangle-free finish. After the wash cycle completes, the washing machine moves the laundry inside in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions. This process untangles the laundry so taking each piece out is simpler for you. If you like a simple laundry process, this Hitachi Washing Machine is the one for you.

Top vs Front Loading Washing Machine

The main question when buying a washing machine is whether to get a front or top-loading model. Currently, top-loading models are more popular in Malaysia. For you to get a better understanding, let’s examine them to find out their pros and cons.

1. Ease of loading up your laundry

A top loading washing machine makes it much easier to load up laundry. As the door is at the top, you can load your laundry in, while standing up. Additionally, the opening is usually much bigger, so loading is quicker too. On the other hand, you would need to bend down to load up a front load washing machine. Its door is also smaller so it could take more time to load up a full basket of laundry. 

2. Washing time

A top loading washing machine has a faster wash cycle – but only if the model you choose has an agitator. An agitator creates more movement and vibrations, so your clothes get clean faster. However, most washing machines nowadays have a quick wash cycle option, so whichever you choose, you can still wash your laundry relatively quickly. 

3. Gentleness on fabrics

A top loading washing machine has a faster wash cycle – but only if the model you choose has an agitator. An agitator creates more movement and vibrations, so your clothes get clean faster. However, most washing machines nowadays have a quick wash cycle option, so whichever you choose, you can still wash your laundry relatively quickly. 

4. Price of washing machine

In general, top load washing machines are cheaper than front-load models. Prices can be lower by up to 50%. However, front load washing machines are more energy and water efficient, so they can save you some money in the long run. If you are on a budget, a top load washing machine is your best bet. You can get one for less than RM600 if you find a good deal.