14 Best Water Filters in Malaysia (2023) For Clean Water

Water filters and water purifiers help to clean your drinking water. They can remove chlorine, sand and other contaminants from the water. Also, they can make your water taste better. Since water is the most important thing in our daily diet, having a water filter or purifier at home is a must.

There are many different brands of water filters and purifiers available. We have gone through almost every single one of them to help you choose the right one. Here are the best water filters and purifiers that you can find in Malaysia today!

Coway P07IU Water Purifier

The Coway P07IU Water Purifier is a very convenient option suitable for both home and offices. It doesn’t require a power source which means installation is super easy. It is very compact and does not take up much space at all.

Water that passes through this Coway Purifier goes through a 3-step filtration process that uses the high-quality SF filter. This filter effectively removes chlorine, impurities and any contaminants and makes the water safe to drink for you and your family.

Despite its small size, it can provide you with up to 4 litres of filtered water supply in just one minute. Even for a medium-sized family, this compact Coway Water Filter will be more than sufficient for your use. With all its wonderful features, it is no wonder that the Coway Water Purifier is so popular in Malaysia!

Customer reviews for Coway P07IU Water Purifier

Customers said that the item was delivered very fast with some as quick as within 24 hours even due the MCO period. They were satisfied with the filtration capabilities and also the good flow rate. They also found the installation a breeze. 

Panasonic Water Filter TK-CS20

The Panasonic Water Filter Tk-CS20 is a larger alternative to the Coway Water Purifier. Instead of 4L/min, it can reach up to 6L per minute, which is a 50% increase in capacity. For larger households that require more purified water, this is a better choice.

This Panasonic Water Filter uses both powdered activated carbon and non-woven fabric as two of its filtration process. The activated carbon helps to cleanse the water of rust and mould. On the other hand, the fabric removes larger particles such as dirt and dust. There is also a cartridge which removes chlorine from the water. This cartridge is long-lasting and can handle up to 12800 litres of water before you need to replace it. Similar to the Coway Water Purifier, this Panasonic Water Filter is easy to install thanks to its compact design.

Customer reviews for Panasonic Water Filter TK-CS20

 Customer received the product fast and in good condition. They are impressed with the high-quality of the product which they say is truly worthy of its Made in Japan tag. As the seller is an authorized seller of Panasonic, they are also assured that the water filter is authentic. 
Pensonic Water Filter PMP-15

Cheap water filter Malaysia

The Pensonic Water Filter PMP-15 is a very portable option that does not require any installation or piping at all. Instead, all you need to do is fill it up with normal water and let its ceramic filter do its job, and you’ll get perfectly filtered water at the end.

This water filter can fit up to 15 litres of water which is more than enough for a day of drinking water for the entire family. It uses the ceramic filter to remove any dust, dirt and bacteria in the water so you’ll feel safe drinking its purified water.

The good news is that you can enjoy clean drinking water at a very affordable price with this Pensonic Water Filter. It costs less than RM80, which is half the price of other alternatives. So if you want a cheap and effective water filter, this is the one you should get!

Customer reviews for Pensonic Water Filter PMP-15 

There were a few issues about leaking but the seller was prompt to replace or repair the water filter. Customers like that this water filter essentially required zero installation which is extremely convenient. The capacity was also big enough for their daily drinking needs. 

Joven JP200 Water Filter

Turning the Joven JP200 Water Filter on and off is very easy. You just need to turn the switch and you can go from unfiltered to filtered water and vice versa. For tasks like washing your hands or dishes, you may want to use unfiltered water. This is an excellent feature that can help you save money as you won’t need to replace your filter so regularly.

Installing the Joven Water Filter is a simple task. You connect it to your existing tap and that’s about it. Now when you turn on your tap, water will come out from purified from the nozzle of the water filter.

So how does this water filter work to purify your water? Basically, your tap water will pass through the purifier cartridge which contains a 3-later non-woven fabric filter and activated carbon in powder form. By directing tap water through these 2 elements, unwanted rust, chlorine and sediments are removed completely. Additionally, the carbon also removes any bad odour from the water. From the first time that you try this Joven Water Filter, the taste of the water will smell and taste healthier.

Panasonic Water Purifier PJ-225R

Best tap water filter

The Panasonic Water Purifier PJ-225R gives you the quickest way to get purified water from any tap. It is a screw-on attachment that can be installed in mere minutes and is compatible with almost any tap.

It has a filtering capacity of 2.2 litres every minute which is a little less than larger water filters. However, it should be sufficient for everyday use. With the P-225JRC filter cartridge, water passing through it gets 99% of its chlorine removed along with dirt and sediments.

With a side window, you can see how dirty the filter is which allows you to gauge when you need to change it. This Panasonic Water Purifier also lets you adjust the flow of the water very quickly with its side lever. If you want a fuss-free and easy to install water purifier, this would fit the bill perfectly.

3M CTM02 Water Filter

With zero drilling or complicated installation procedures, the 3M CTM02 Water Filter offers a convenient way to get clean drinking water in your home. It is certified and tested by the highly recognized NSF42 & 53 standards. What these standards mean is that this 3M Water Filter is proven to be effective in reducing chlorine, lead and other harmful substances which can be found in normal tap water.

The filter inside can last you for 2800 litres of water before requiring a filter change. That is more than enough for around 14000 glasses of water should last a family of 4 for about 9 months to 1 year. This 3M Water Filter isn’t the cheapest option, but its high-quality and effectiveness means that it is definitely worth the price.

3M CTM-01SE Indoor Water Filter

The 3M CTM-01SE Indoor Water Filter is one of the most powerful slim water filters you can get for your home. It has a 0.5-micron filter that can effectively remove lead, sediment, chlorine and many other potentially harmful objects from your drinking water. Inside the water filter, there is also a special agent to stop bacteria from growing. You can definitely trust 3M to come up with a top-quality product that makes your water safe for consumption.

There are two ways you can install this water filter in your home – countertop or wall-mounted. Personally, we prefer the wall-mounted installation because it saves us precious countertop space. But if you prefer the countertop installation, the water filter wouldn’t take up a lot of space because of its slim and compact design. Whichever you choose, you will definitely love this 3M Water Filter!

Pensonic Water Filter PP-123

The Pensonic Water Filter PP-123 is another cheap water filter option that you can consider. It has two filters which mean increased effectiveness as the water would be filtered twice instead of once. This allows it to remove more chemicals, chlorine, metals and smell from the water.

Installing this water filter is also pretty straightforward as all the necessary fittings are included. The one extra tool you’ll need is a monkey wrench to screw in the filter into the faucet. As mentioned, this is a very budget-friendly water filter so you can get clean, purified water without burning a hole in your pocket.

There are two ways you can install this water filter in your home – countertop or wall-mounted. Personally, we prefer the wall-mounted installation because it saves us precious countertop space. But if you prefer the countertop installation, the water filter wouldn’t take up a lot of space because of its slim and compact design. Whichever you choose, you will definitely love this 3M Water Filter!

Aquasana AQ-4000W-DVPI Water Filter

Aquasana is a US brand which has more than 20 years of experience manufacturing water filters. The Aquasana AQ-4000W-DVPI Water Filter is their countertop model which is super simple to install. You can connect it directly to your tap to make your tap water safe and drinkable.

It has a very effective filtration system that can remove 77 different harmful contaminants in your water by up to 99%. Some of these contaminants are cysts, mercury, lead, chlorine, pesticides and asbestos. All of these may cause long-term health problems which is why you need the Aquasana Water Filter.

Through its filtration process, it removes these contaminants, leaving you with purified water with the inclusion of healthy minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium. The filter inside only needs to be changed once a year for the typical family usage. This means that you won’t have to spend too much money to maintain this USA-made Aquasana Water Filter.

Aquasana Waterborn W-300Z Outdoor Water Filter

Are you looking for an outdoor water filter? Then you have to check out the Aquasana Waterborn W-300Z Outdoor Water Filter because it is one of the best you can find. It uses unique ZeoPlus minerals as a filtration element. Zeoplus is a mineral which is only found in areas historical volcanic activity. It is excellent in removing ammonia from water which will help reduce any skin irritation caused by it.

Water passing through this Aquasana Water Filter goes through a 3-step filtration process. Firstly, the water is sieved to remove larger sediments and particles. Next, depth filtration removes smaller particles missed out in the previous step. Lastly, Zeoplus absorbs the remaining particles with the end result of clean and filtered water.

3M AP902 Outdoor Water Filter

The 3M AP902 Outdoor Water Filter is designed to remove particles as small as 0.5 microns which makes your water safe for drinking. It also comes with the entire set of equipment that you need to replace your existing water filter at home if you prefer to DIY.

With a maximum water flow rate of 75 litres per minute, it can supply the entire household usage even if every water tap is being used at the same time. With close to 400,000 litres capacity, you’ll likely only need to change the filter once every year, which makes it a very economical choice. Changing the filter is effortless as it has an easy screw on and off design, so you don’t need to hire someone to change it for you. Overall, if you want a trusted brand for clean water, this 3M Outdoor Water Filter is an excellent choice.

Bacfree Smart Water Purifier

Best home water purifier

The Bacfree Smart Water Purifier does more than just filter your water – which it does very well. It can also help heat up your water to 5 preset heating temperatures (25, 45, 60, 85, 100 celsius) including a temperature setting that is perfect for making milk (45). If you need hot or warm water frequently, this is the water purifier that you want.

The recommended Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in water is 50 as stated by the Malaysia Ministry of Health. With the Bacfree Smart Water Purifier, the TDS is below 10, which is great because the lower it is, the cleaner the water.

This water purifier also doesn’t need any installation. It is a standalone portable unit that replaces the need for a kettle. Its sleek design makes it a great looking accessory in your kitchen, living room or even work desk. For all these functions and features, the Bacfree Water Purifier will be the best buy for your home or office.

AQUASANA AQ-5300 Water Filter

Made in USA, the AQUASANA AQ-5300 Water Filter is a popular option both in Malaysia and internationally. It is an extremely high-quality filter that provides thoroughly cleanses your tap water to make it safe and pleasant to drink. It has an effective removal rate of 99% for more than 70 different contaminants.

This water filter has also received 4 different certifications from NSF, a world-class independent body. It has been certified as having health, aesthetic, superior ability and effectiveness against PFOA and PFOS. Because of the thorough filtration, the tap water is free of any odours or weird taste. It comes out as fresh-tasting which entices you to drink more than usual – great for a healthy lifestyle!

The AQUASANA AQ-5300 Water Filter is also designed to be easy to install. You can do it yourself pretty easily even if it is your first time. For maintenance, you’ll need to change the internal filters about once a year which is even more straightforward. If you do find it difficult to install, you can contact the seller for further help. In terms of setup, you can choose between an under the counter or countertop installation depending on your preference.

If you want a high-quality USA-made filter, the AQUASANA AQ-5300 Water Filter is the perfect choice for your home. 

Customer reviews for AQUASANA AQ-5300 Water Filter

Customers were delighted with the service provided both before and after the purchase. They found the buyer extremely responsive to questions and gave valuable advice to make the entire process smooth. Another common thread was how easy it was to install the water filter. Some customers were also recommended 3rd party installers who did the job well. If you check the Q&A section on their sales page, you can find prompt replies to every question. Additionally, customers found it easy to get answers from the seller through the live chat function.

Jingen JN-15 Tap Water Filter

The Jingen JN-15 Tap Water Filter is a very affordable option for anyone on a budget. It costs under RM25 to convert almost any tap in your home or office into one that can filter water. All it takes is a simple replacement of the tip of your current water faucet. The entire process takes no more than 5 minutes, or even less than 1 minute if you have experience.

Internally within this water filter, it has 5 different layers of filter – ceramic, activated carbon, CaSO3, rice stone mineralized balls and tourmaline. Together, they work to filter away sediments, odours, chlorine and heavy metal ions. You can also switch between filtered and unfiltered water with a simple switch of the side lever. The transparent casing allows you to check on the condition of the filters easily, so you know when it needs changing.

With a super low price tag, the Jingen JN-15 Tap Water Filter is a cheap way to add filtration capabilities to your current tap setup. Check it out today!

Customer reviews for Jingen JN-15 Tap Water Filter

Customers were very happy with the low price, and they found it was a good deal. However, some of them faced some difficulty understanding the installation manual because it was in Chinese. Because the installation process is pretty intuitive, most of them had no problem installing it in the end. Some commented that the filter turned yellow after a while. The seller replied that the change in colour is normal as it shows the filter is actually working. In terms of delivery, it arrives pretty fast between 2 to 4 days after ordering.

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