14 Best Whitening Creams in Malaysia (2023) For Your Face & Skin

Having fair skin can be as simple as shielding your entire face and body from the sun, but it is not always practical to do so. Even indoors, our skin is still exposed to sun rays that can slowly turn skin tan. The secret is then to turn to beauty products that can decrease melanin production and keep your skin looking radiant. There are many whitening products in the beauty market that are effective and can help you achieve that enviable glow. We have compiled the best whitening creams that you can get in Malaysia today!

HADA LABO Whitening 123 Set

The HADA LABO Whitening 123 Set contains travel-friendly sized face wash, lotion and water gel for a complete basic skincare regime. The whitening set contains key brightening ingredient, Arbutin, and the skin-refining ingredient, Vitamin C Phosphate. In addition, all three items are formulated with Hada Labo’s Super Hyaluronic Acid for a deeply hydrating effect for brighter and clearer skin.

As your skin receives the nutrients at every step, the whitening benefits are reinforced deeply within your skin layers for a longer-lasting fair skin. This set is suitable for all skin types as it is super gentle. Try the HADA LABO Whitening 123 Set today for visibly fairer skin.

Glow Skin White Brightening Cream

The Glow Skin White Brightening Cream is a moisturising and repairing cream made from natural ingredients. With Asian skin in mind, this Glow cream works to even out skin tone by targetting brown age spots and freckles. This ensures that your complexion looks fairer and even, with a flawless finish. You won’t have to worry about side effects or your skin breaking out as the formula is gentle, without any addition of steroids and Hydroquinone.

While it is rich and nourishing, it has a lightweight consistency that sinks into your skin easily. There won’t be a sticky aftermath nor tacky feeling. Your skin will also look younger when it glows. Get whiter and fairer skin naturally and quickly with the Glow Skin White Brightening Cream.

Miracle White Advance Repair Brightening Cream

The Miracle White Advance Repair Brightening Cream provides many benefits for healthy and brighter skin. Containing extracts from berries, the cream is rich in antioxidants and also highly moisturising for more resilient skin. With Grape Seed Extract and Jojoba Oil, your skin receives the nourishment it needs to become supple and radiant. There are also vital vitamins to equip your skin with the nourishment to repair itself and renew itself for younger and fairer skin.

As it is super moisturising, your skin can absorb all the nutrients and repair its cell deep within. Rest assured that it won’t feel overly heavy on your skin at all! If you’re looking for soft skin that looks flawlessly fair, you need to try the Miracle White Advance Repair Brightening Cream.

Sendayu Tinggi Whitening Pearl Cream

The Sendayu Tinggi Whitening Pearl Cream is made from pearl extracts which have many benefits for your skin. First, pearl extracts have an anti-aging effect on skin as it is regenerative. The rich in Amino Acid ingredient makes skin cells reproduce faster for renewal of skin, and this translates to a younger and smoother complexion. At the same time, it also helps to lighten your skin complexion so that it looks bright and fair.

There is also sun protection in the cream that helps your skin shield from the harmful and darkening effects of the sun rays! This cream is free of paraben so it is gentle and mild on the skin to use daily. Getting fair skin is as easy as using the Sendayu Tinggi Whitening Pearl Cream daily.

HADA LABO Premium Whitening Face Wash

Many face washes can cause your skin to feel tightened after washing. The HADA LABO Premium Whitening Face Wash is formulated to be gentle on the skin while it cleanses and transfers its skin-loving benefits to your skin. It comes without added fragrance, mineral oil and alcohol, so it is also suitable if your skin is prone to allergic reactions.

Arbutin in the formula is the key whitening agent, which slows down melanin production. It is considered one of the gentler skin-brightening ingredient. With prolonged use, you may even find that your dark spots and freckles fade slightly! Enable your skin to stay fair with the HADA LABO Premium Whitening Face Wash.

L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Crystal Brightening Set

The L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Crystal Brightening Set comes with whole whitening skincare set comprising a face wash, an essence and a moisturising night cream. If you find your skin usually looks tired and dull with a visibly rough texture, chances are your skin is not receiving enough nutrients.

The cleanser comes with a slight exfoliating nature to remove the dead skin on the surface. The essence then boosts your skin’s hydration and penetrates your skin deep within to keep it moisturised. The night cream contains whitening actives that work overnight to lighten your complexion. You only need this L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Crystal Brightening Set to get your skin looking crystal clear and fair!

HIMALAYA Clear Complexion Whitening Day Cream

The HIMALAYA Clear Complexion Whitening Day Cream is made with herbal extracts that are known for their natural whitening capabilities. Liquorice is effective in lightening skin tone and reducing the visibility of dark spots and pigmentation. It can inhibit the production of Melanin and this results in a brighter skin complexion. White Dammer is rich in antioxidants and this also helps to target pigmentation issues. Both of these skin whitening agents work to give you a fairer and more even skin tone!

This day cream is also hydrating yet lightweight so it won’t cause too much shine on your face. It also has sun protection so as to help your skin defend against the harmful effects of the UV rays. If you’re looking for an affordable yet effective cream, the answer is the HIMALAYA Clear Complexion Whitening Day Cream.

Qiansoto Underarm Whitening Cream

The Qiansoto Underarm Whitening Cream is one of the gentler whitening creams for the underarms. If you remove hair from your underarms regularly, it could get darkened spots and look uneven and unsightly. This Qiansoto cream sets out to whiten the skin with lemon, mulberry and rose extracts. It is also highly moisturising for your skin. As the formula is made from natural and gentle ingredients, you can safely use it on your skin. It will not cause your skin to feel tightened or peel. Raise your arms with pride and confidence after using the Qiansoto Underarm Whitening Cream.

OLAY White Radiance Intensive Whitening Cream

The OLAY White Radiance Intensive Whitening Cream is a premium yet affordable option if you’re looking for a fairer skin complexion. Formulated with vitamin B3, the cream works to combat freckles, dark spots and pigmentation issues so that your skin tone looks evener. At the same time, it looks to replenish nutrients to your skin to keep it firm and supple, with a natural radiance emitting from deep within.

While it is highly moisturising, it feels lightweight on your skin and does not leave any sticky residue. There is also sun protection in this whitening cream so that your skin doesn’t get tan as much from the sun. Your skin deserves the best with the OLAY White Radiance Intensive Whitening Cream.

Innisfree Whitening Pore Cream

The Innisfree Whitening Pore Cream is made with the extracts from freshly squeezed tangerine peel that is grown in Jejuand Letchin. With up to six different citrus flavonoid, your skin gets nourished from deep within so that it takes on a clearer and luminous outlook. This cream also helps to fade dark spots and lifts dull skin complexion, proving to be a one-stop treatment for whiter and fairer skin.

Research also shows that smaller pores can help add to the fairness and evenness of skin. This Innisfree Whitening Pore Cream also helps to tighten pores so that they are less visible! As the cream is lightweight, it gets easily absorbed by your skin and is non-greasy. Repair your skin with the Innisfree Whitening Pore Cream today!

Vitamin C Gluta Serum

The Vitamin C Gluta Serum is an all-in-one multifunctional whitening serum that has many skin benefits. As the serum is rich in Vitamin C, it provides nourishment for skin so that your complexion looks smoother and more radiant. At the same time, it lifts the skin by encouraging the production of new skin cells. Your face looks more youthful and energetic after it goes through a skin-refining process. There is also moisturising benefits so that your skin tone lightens and glows from within. Give your skin tender loving care with the Vitamin C Gluta Serum.

Nivea Body Lotion Extra White Insta Glow

The Nivea Body Lotion Extra White Insta Glow restores the radiance to your skin with consistent use. This is meant for use on your body, and it is packed with 40 times more Vitamin C to brighten and hydrate your skin. With SPF15 and PA+ sun protection, your skin is shielded from the harmful rays of the sun that can weaken your skin barrier and cause your skin to peel. As it has a nourishing formula, this intensely repairs your skin layers and plumps it up for that healthy and bright looking glow. See your skin glow after the first use with the Nivea Body Lotion Extra White Insta Glow.

Vaseline Healthy White Lotion Perfect 10

The Vaseline Healthy White Lotion Perfect 10 contains Vitamin B3, pro-retinol and AHA which are key anti-aging ingredients. They work together to lighten your skin tone and fades pigmentation to make it less visible on your skin. Your skin has better elasticity with better regeneration of new skin cells. There is also sun protection against both harmful UVA and UVB sun rays. Moisture is restored deep within your skin layers and the result is a smooth and firm skin that exudes radiance. For a really affordable lotion to take good care of the skin on your body, you have to get the Vaseline Healthy White Lotion Perfect 10.

Dr. Morita Perfect Whitening Body Care Lotion

The Dr. Morita Perfect Whitening Body Care Lotion is gentle on your skin and suitable for use on sensitive skin. It quickly gets absorbed so that you won’t have to deal with the stickiness for too long. This makes for a fuss-free and comfortable application every time. It is rich in Vitamin C, which works to brighten skin complexion. It has a nourishing formula so that your skin gets all the essential nutrients to become crystal clear and bright. You can even apply this at your underarms and armpit areas to give it an additional boost of whitening. See visible results with the Dr. Morita Perfect Whitening Body Care Lotion.

What are the benefits of skin whitening products?

When skin gets exposed to the harmful UV rays, a defensive mechanism kicks in to protect your skin against them. This results in the production of Melanin, which appears as darker pigments under your skin and which causes your skin to look tan.

The benefits of skin whitening products are therefore usually two-folds. One, it inhibits the production of the dark Melanin under your skin. Two, it provides sun protection to shield your skin from the harmful effects of the UV rays, which in turn reduces that defensive mechanism of producing Melanin. The combined effect is a whiter shade of skin and fairer complexion.

Most skin whitening products also typically come with moisturising or hydrating benefits. When skin receives such nourishment, it takes on a firmer and supple exterior and also becomes more luminous and clear. Your skin barrier is enhanced too so that it can better protect itself. Your skin then becomes more holistically radiant and healthy, and this also helps you stay fair for a longer period of time! This is the secret to maintaining an amazing complexion that can even rival Snow White’s!

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