7 Best Yoga Mats in Malaysia (2023) From RM19 to RM199

The first thing you should do when starting out in yoga is to get a good yoga mat. There are a few factors you should look out for when buying a yoga mat. Firstly, its thickness and comfort. Secondly, what material is it made of? Thirdly, does it provide enough friction? Fourthly, what is its price and is it within your budget? Last but not least, does the yoga mat look good.

We have taken all these considerations and applied them to dozens of yoga mats. From there, we have shortlisted the best of them all for you. Continue reading to find out which are the best yoga mats you can buy in Malaysia today!

Camel Sports NBR Yoga Mat

Best yoga mat for beginners

If you’re a beginner looking for your very first yoga mat, we highly recommend the Camel Sports NBR Yoga Mat. The build quality on this yoga mat is excellent, especially for beginners. This mat uses high-quality nitrile rubber (NBR). Additionally, the rubber is shaped into a honeycomb pattern which significantly increases the cushioning. For a beginner, a mat with proper cushioning is essential as it can protect you from potential injuries.

Additionally, this mat also has a non-slip surface, even at high angles of 60 degrees. Again, this enhances the safety aspect as the extra friction will help you to keep your footing and balance. This yoga mat can be used on almost all common floor surfaces so it can be used at home, at your yoga studio or even outdoors.

Because this yoga mat does not absorb water, you can clean it up very easily. For quick cleaning, you can wash it directly with water. Many reviewers have also praised the durability of this yoga mat as it can last even with intense use. It also comes with a storage bag which lets you bring it around conveniently.

Even with all these wonderful features, the Camel Sports NBR Yoga Mat is still priced very affordably. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, this yoga mat is an excellent deal!

Vigor Fitness NBR Yoga Mat

If you want to know which is the most popular yoga mat online in Malaysia, then it definitely is the Vigor Fitness NBR Yoga Mat. With more than 2600 positive reviews and ratings on Lazada alone, it is clear that this yoga mat is viewed as an excellent buy – and we can see why.

First of all, it is one of the cheapest yoga mats out there, especially when you consider its excellent build quality. This yoga mat is made from NBR which is very durable and lasting. Both sides of this mat are non-slip. This ensures that the mat doesn’t move when placed on the ground and also that your hands and feet don’t slip on the other side. This mat has a 1cm thickness which provides good cushioning for any exercises. With standard dimensions of 183cm by 61cm, it is long and wide enough even for taller folks.

We also like how lightweight this yoga mat feels. You’ll appreciate this when you need to bring it around. A strap is also included which you can attach to the yoga mat to sling it around your shoulders.

You can’t go wrong with this Vigor Fitness NBR Yoga Mat. With so many good reviews, you know you are getting a quality product. It also doesn’t hurt that it costs so little. You should definitely check it out!

Fitme Premium Jute Yoga Mat

The Fitme Premium Jute Yoga Mat is unlike most other yoga mats. First of all, it is made of Jute which is a natural plant fibre. Jute makes up one side of the yoga mat which the other side is made of eco-friendly PVC. You can reverse the yoga mat to use it whichever way you prefer. According to Fitme, they recommend that you use the Jute side for more intense yoga workouts like Bikram and Power yoga. For more relaxing sessions like Yin yoga and meditation, they recommend using the eco PVC side.

The best thing about this yoga mat is that it is eco-friendly and free of potentially harmful toxins, unlike some other yoga mats. Also, this yoga mat has antimicrobial additives which inhibit bacteria growth and reduces odours. Even if you sweat a ton, this yoga mat won’t smell bad. But if you want to wash it, you can do so with soap and water with some light brushing.

For a natural yoga mat, the Fitme Premium Jute Yoga Mat is still priced very affordably. As a yoga-practicer, going with a more eco-friendly yoga mat is always a good choice – so give it a go!

USA Pro Yoga Mat

The USA Pro Yoga Mat is a high-quality product sold directly by Sports Direct. You have the option of choosing between black or the standout purple colour. In terms of its dimensions, it is 173cm long with a 61cm width. It has a thickness of 4mm which is pretty much the standard thickness of regular yoga mats.

It comes with a non-slip surface that helps you to keep your balance easily. Some reviewers have stated that it might get a little bit slippery when it gets wet. However, most yoga mats do tend to get slippery when it touches moisture. To combat this, the easiest way would be to bring along a towel and use it to wipe any moisture or sweat off the mat. This yoga mat also comes with a removable sling which makes bringing it to your classes an effortless affair.

With good ratings of 4.7 out of 5 on Lazada, this USA Pro Yoga Mat is one of the top choices for a yoga mat for both your home and to bring around.

Everlast Unisex Exercise Mat

If you want a yoga mat that will last you for years to come, then definitely consider the Everlast Unisex Exercise Mat. It is build to withstand friction, pressure and general wear and tear, better than other yoga mats. With an all-black design, it also doesn’t get dirty easily.

We also love the light-grey Everlast branding on the yoga mat with their iconic slogan “Greatness is within”. At the same time, the branding is still subtle enough that it does not take over the entire mat. With an extended length of 180cm along with a width of 60cm, this yoga mat is suitable for both males and females of all heights.

For such a durable yoga mat, the Everlast Unisex Exercise Mat is not that expensive. If you invest in this yoga mat, you won’t have to buy another one in the near future for sure. It is an excellent value-for-money buy!

Marchever NBR Yoga Mat

Cheapest yoga mat in Malaysia

Don’t want to spend so much money on a yoga mat? That’s understandable, especially if you’re just trying out yoga for the very first time. Thankfully, there is the extremely cheap Marchever NBR Yoga Mat, which is available for less than RM20. Compared to other yoga mats with its specifications, this is cheaper by around 50%!

Things we like about the yoga mat include its 10mm thickness and non-slip surface. This yoga mat is also made with high-density foam which is structured into cells to give you an extra cushioning boost. There are a total of 6 different vibrant colours that you can get – pink, purple, red, green, blue and black.

If you want the cheapest yoga mat that still offers outstanding quality, there is no other better choice than the Marchever NBR Yoga Mat!

Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

Most yoga mats sold nowadays are made with PVC or NBR which do not consist of 100% natural ingredients. With this Natural Rubber Yoga Mat, you get to enjoy one that is made with 100% natural rubber. This means that this yoga mat does not have toxic materials which might be harmful to your body. Instead, you can feel safe as your skin comes into contact with it. 

With natural rubber, this mat is also very durable and does not succumb to wear and tear even with regular use. It is also very useful for more intense yoga or exercise sessions where you’ll sweat buckets. Its surface is non-slip even if your sweat drips all over. 

Another cool point of this yoga mat is that it comes with markings which serve to guide you. It outlines the places where different parts of your body should be placed. This feature is useful for both beginners and advanced learners. 

This Natural Rubber Yoga Mat is more expensive than PVC or NBR options. But its natural and non-toxic rubber texture is very much worth the premium you pay – especially if you plan to use the yoga mat often. 

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